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Norfolk Trusted Trader

Confirm a member is a genuine Trusted Trader

Use the search box to check a member has been vetted by Trading Standards.

Start typing the company name or as much as you can remember and then choose from the drop-down list of suggestions.

Alternatively, you can enter the company's advertised phone number.

Enter the member's name or phone number to search for a particular member.

If you have found that a tradesperson or business is incorrectly claiming Trusted Trader membership of one of the schemes hosted on then please get in touch so it can be investigated.

Trading Standards will need evidence of any claimed Trusted Trader membership, ideally a web link to the traders website that shows them using a logo, or a scan or photo of a flyer or marketing material displaying the Trusted Trader logo. If they told you verbally, then please still get in touch.

Either contact us using our contact form, or email any screenshots, photos, evidence to

Help stamp out doorstep crime and rogue traders.