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Norfolk Trusted Trader feedback award for 2023

9th January 2024

Trusted Traders deliberately put themselves forward for scrutiny and are vetted by Trading Standards. All members have agreed to conform to a strict code of practice, which provides reassurance to consumers and local residents. One of the requirements of being a member is to generate reviews, which can be a challenge for any business as human nature means we can all be very quick to criticise and very slow to praise.

When looking at Trusted Trader reviews, some members may struggle to generate a lot of feedback purely due to the size of jobs they have and relatively few number of clients compared to other types of businesses. But regardless of how many reviews a member has, you can be assured they have all been professionally moderated and are genuine. 

Below is the Norfolk Trusted Trader who generated the most positive reviews in 2023, but this is also an acknowledgement of the hard work all members put into generating reviews. As we start a new year, we would like to thank the professionalism of all our Trusted Traders, as well as the residents and customers who have used the scheme and very generously left their feedback.

The Norfolk Trusted Trader with the highest number of positive feedback during 2023


Was Tank Replacement Services Limited, who generated 168 reviews throughout 2023.


Tank Replacement Services Limited has been a Norfolk Trusted Trader since 2010 and has amassed an incredible 1,937 reviews in that time. They are a family-run business based in Wendling, and a supplier and installer of oil tanks across East Anglia.